Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving Eve

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving
 and I am so happy that both my boys will be here
 celebrating and eating and if the bribe is good enough...
Watching the Thanksgiving Day Parade with me.
We all pick our favorite side dish for Thanksgiving
 and everyone makes the one they pick. 
 Funny how those dishes really never change from year to year.
We are doing 2 Turkeys this year.
.  One fried and one smoked. 
 Now before you say...2 Turkeys for 4 people??? 
 Our Turkeys are not those big honking ones that families of 10 buy. 
 Besides, we do like leftovers so
 MAMA isn't in the kitchen for the rest of the weekend.
This s a great, comfortable look for being in the kitchen,
 running back up to the grocery store (you know something will be forgotten to be bought)
  and just hanging out in front of the outdoor fireplace.

I hope you and your family have a terrific turkey day
 lots of great family time together.

Gap sweater and scarf
TJMaxx cords
Guess boots
Fossil watch
Francesca's bracelet

Monday, November 23, 2015

Fancy Pants

We hit record lows here this morning.
I guess maybe winter is on it's way.
This weekend I had a bridal shower for a good friend's daughter. 
 The weather was spectacular, the bride to be looked gorgeous 
and all was right in the world for few hours on Saturday afternoon.
I really had every intention of taking pictures of how my friend and I set up the shower.  
Alas, all that went out the door once the guests began to arrive.
  I did manage to get a few shots during the shower though.
I went with some "fancy" pants for my party look and added a deep eggplant blouse.
  I kept the jewelry simple, yet elegant. 
 I am usually not a wearer of high waisted pants,
 as they can be tricky to pull off.
 ( Remember the Jessica Simpson incident??)
  These pants are comfortable and the details are impeccable. 
 Not too hard to pull off.

What do you think of high waisted pants?

Loft blouse
Etcetera pants
Target booties
BaubleBar necklace
Marshall's bracelt

Bridal Shower Fun

Friday, November 20, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Next week....
It's Thanksgiving!
Haven't even given it a thought yet.
How about you?
  • This really isn't awkward, just not fun!  Spreading pine needles in the flower beds.   Not only was I sore the next day, but now my allergies have kicked in.  
  • Helping the husband pick out new glasses.  Not sure why he always asks for my help.  He's gonna get what he's gonna get!
  • Painting with matte black oil based paint and getting it in your hair.
  • As your dinner party is just about to sit down to eat al fresco, the rain begins and doesn't let up for the rest of the evening.
  • Being told that 10 extra people will be attending the annual sit down Christmas luncheon you host for the husband's co-workers...Right this way, your table is set up in the bedroom.  LOL
  • Holding my 4th annual pajama party for my girlfriends.  Awesome night despite the rain.
  • Getting some big home improvement projects finished.  
  • Son2 coming home earlier than expected from school for Thanksgiving.
  • Receiving a surprise Starbucks mug in the mail from an Instagram friend.
  • Hosting a bridal shower for one of my BFF's daughters on Saturday.
Casual look for running around picking up party items 
and getting the house decorated.
I mean who doesn't love a soft, flannel shirt? 
 I am loving this blue and mustard color combo.  
A statement necklace and fringe booties elevate the flannel shirt from borrowed from the husband:
 hey, this is an actual outfit.

I hope you have an awesome weekend
 I beg of you to not start playing the Christmas music until next Friday!!! 
  (just a little pet peeve of mine)  :)

Old Navy shirt and jeans
Target booties
Gifted necklace
Zara bracelets
Michael Kors belt

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Classic Turtleneck

Why hello middle of the week!
I am feeling very fall in this outfit. 
 I am not usually one to wear muted colors,
 but the softness they lend to a look can be very flattering.
  Remember when everyone wore turtlenecks all the time? 
 Then just like that ~ they kind of disappeared for awhile.
  Well, they are back and being seen all over the place.
Thin, chunky, or textured,
this classic piece of clothing can add drama to any outfit. 
 Not to mention that it elongates the neck and 
hides any "age" problems that might have shown up in that area.

Turtlenecks are great for layering or wearing on their own.
  Go dig one out of the back of your closet and start wearing it now.

Are you a turtleneck lover?

Gap turtleneck sweater
J. Crew cords
Mod Cloth cardi
J.C. Penny loafers
Handpicked necklace

Monday, November 16, 2015

Pull Out The 'Holiday" Pieces NOW!

Yes, it's that time of year again.
I can't believe Christmas commercials are all ready airing
 and just about every store has begun to put up their displays.
So why not go ahead and begin wearing the clothing 
you think of as "holiday" clothing now?
Get the most wear out of those great items
 that just sit in your closet waiting to be worn.
I grabbed this velvet blazer that I don't even think I wore last year.
  What was I thinking?
It's a fabulous piece. 
 The blazer can be dressed up, down or in between as I have shown here.
I am going to make a point of incorporating my "party" clothes into my every wardrobe.
  I encourage you to do the same. 
 Let's sparkle and shine every day, not just for events.

Do you incorporate "party" clothes into your every day looks?

Foxcroft shirt
Loft blazer
Gap trousers
Marshall's booties
Versona necklace

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