Thursday, January 29, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy Friday
I am off for a super fun weekend.
I hope you have something exciting planned as well!
  • Getting cursed out by a chic who almost ran me over in the Costco parking lot. (I was not the one in the wrong, btw)
  • Trying to figure out where the ink cartridges are on my printer.
  • When 3 different people commented on how much my eye glasses prescription had changed.
  • Trying to make homemade pasta for the very first time.
  • I am working with some ladies to set up a children's clothing venue for foster children.  We accidentally set off the alarm where we were working.  The nice policeman that came by to check out why the alarm went off wanted to make sure we weren't some kind of "sweatshop".
  • This week I cleaned out the pantry as part of my 14 week cleaning challenge.  It is SOOOO nice.
  • Working with Mosaic-Style With Love.  
  • Planning a trip to Charleston.
  • Getting a blouse you have been eying for awhile for 50% off!
  • Girls weekend at Virgina Beach this weekend... Woo Hoo!
 Just a classic look with navy and camel.
I added a bit of leopard to spice up the classic look.

Let's hear about any awkward or awesome you had this week.

Old Navy stripe t-here
Target blazer- here
Gap trousers-similar here and here
Marshall's booties-similar here and here
Gap scarf-similar here
Michael Kors belt-similar here
Michael Kors watch-here

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

True Confessions

Happy Wednesday!
I am making a true confession today.
It's been roughly 8 weeks since I got braces
 and I have been struggling with my smile.
I am sure you have noticed that my smile has been
 a closed mouth one ever since the braces went on.
My friends, family and even some of you
 have commented on how I didn't look like myself
 and that I needed to just embrace the braces!! 
 I got comments like...
get over it, just go with it, move on and 
so on and so forth in that same vain.
I have decided to indeed... go on,get over it and all of the rest!
Maybe next time I get my braces tightened
 I'll even have them put on some hot pink bands,
 instead of the white ones that are on now.
Here's to being back to myself
 and embracing a new look with enthusiasm and fun.

Is there some part of your anatomy that you are self conscious of?
Do you embrace it or try to hide it?

Gap T-here
Loft cardigan-similar here and here
White House Black Market jeans- here
Swoozie scarf-here
Express boots-similar here and here
Michael Kors watch-here
Gifted bracelet-similar here

Monday, January 26, 2015

Black and White on Repeat!

I am still having some kind of black and white moment in my life!
It seems like I have been wearing this combo more than ever lately.
I wore this little black and white outfit
 to my surprise lunch last week.
 Honestly, I had no idea about the lunch. 
 Glad I decided to go flirty and cute
 that day with my clothing choices.
I love the masculine and feminine play
 with the pieces of this outfit. 
 Mixing soft and hard can be tricky,
 but this mix was a piece of cake.
I will confess that I thought my tights were much more opaque.
I wish that they had been.
  I think it would have given this a stronger look. 
 But, Joe the Dog makes up for it!

What color palette have you been drawn to lately?

Gap turtle neck-similar here and here
Old Navy top-similar here and here
Marshall's moto jacket-similar here and here
Old Navy skirt-similar here and here
Target belt-here
Clark's shoes- here

Friday, January 23, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Hello Friday!
It's been a pretty awesome week, but it's nice to see you again.
  • Your dog and another barking it out along the fence line and the young boy with the other dog, crying and screaming and yelling at your dog.
  • Husband's flight had to make a medical emergency landing. 
  • When you take a big gulp of coffee and immediately go into a coughing attack.
  • Getting the braces on your teeth tightened for the first time.  
  • Taking your new watch in to get sized and the guy shows you that you could have just done it yourself at home.
  • Leaving early because you think traffic will be bad, hitting no traffic, but your route has been blocked.  Thank goodness for the extra time.
  • Surprise visit from son2 for my birthday.
  • This week in my 14-week organization challenge, I tackled the laundry room.  It's like a new room in there!
  • Husband bringing home treats from Carlo's Bakery. (Cake Boss)
  • My friends totally pulling of a surprise birthday lunch.  I was absolutely clueless!!
Another black and white look for me. 
 Am I losing my love for color in my old age???
Just enjoying the classic look of black and white.

Did you have an awesome week like me
Was your week more of an awkward situation?

Target blouse-here
Leather blazer(old)-similar here and here
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Nine West booties-similar here and here
Target gloves-similar here
Francesca necklace-similar here

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Fair Isle

The Fair Isle craze has been going strong for awhile now.
I love the look, but didn't really have anything in my closet.
I acquired this sweater at the after
 Christmas sale at Old Navy for $14.99. 
 I couldn't afford NOT to buy it!
I decided to keep to an all black and white look.
It's hard for me not to add color,
 but this look is just so classic as is.
I kept everything very minimal and casual.
I added some great sunnies to keep the "cool" vibe.

Do you own any fair aisle?
How do you style it?

Target blouse-here
Old Navy sweater-here
Loft coated jeans-here
Converse sneakers-here
Steve Madden sunnies-similar
jewelry swap earrings-similar

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