Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The Spring Jacket

Growing up in Louisiana, we didn't have a use for a spring jacket.
The first time I heard this term was when I lived in Philly.
It's still a useful item to have in my closet here in North Carolina.
I picked up this cute gingham jacket a few
  years ago on sale at J.Crew. 
 It only comes out a few times in the spring,
 but I sure am glad to have it when I need it.
I can dress this little baby up or down
 and blue gingham is almost like a neutral in my book.
I went with muted colors here.
Our weather has been a bit gloomy 
and that's kind of how I was feeling.
Do you have have the need for a spring jacket where you live?
Do you have a favorite that you pull out every year?

Gap t-shirt-here
J. Crew jacket-similar here and here
Loft pants-similar here and here
Simply Vera sneakers-similar here and here
Forever 21 necklace-similar here
Forever 21 bracelets-similar here
Forever 21 bracelet-similar here

Monday, March 23, 2015

Come Sail Away

Did you have an exciting weekend?
Did you experience winter, spring or somewhere in between the two?
Our mornings were cool, but the days warmed up to nice spring days.
Everything is green, beginning to bloom and that darn pollen is beginning to take effect.
I decided to pull out this little wrap dress
 I got at Old Navy last year. 
 It seemed spring appropriate,
 yet nice for when the morning was cooler.  
I decided to pair my suede booties
 with it since the forecast is suede for spring and summer. 
 I still have a hard time thinking of suede as a warm weather fabric.  It will be interesting to see if it takes off.

What do you think about suede for spring and summer?

Old Navy dress-similar here and here
Old Navy booties-similar here and here
Handpicked earrings-similar here
Versona bracelet-similar here
Marshall's bracelet-similar here
Gifted bangle-similar here

Friday, March 20, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy Friday Ya'll!
Today is officially the first day of Spring.
I hope you have some wonderful spring activity planned for the weekend.
  • When you have lunch with a friend and you are so engrossed in your conversation that you both walk out without paying and the waitress has to chase you down in the parking lot.
  • When you are making a return and the woman doing your return is so distracted that she hands you her stapler instead of your credit card.
  • When your friend admires your bracelets and asks where you got them and you have to remind her that she is the one that gave them to you for your birthday.
  • When you are on vacation and a drone crashes in the backyard of the beach house you are renting.
  • When the deer in your neighborhood crash down your fence.
  • When the week you were spending at the beach had a forecast of rain the entire week and it only rained one day!!
  • Catching up with a friend you haven't seen in 2 years.
  • When you craft something from Pinterest and it actually turns out like the picture.
  • I didn't grow up on the pork bbq they serve here in the Carolina's and I'm not a huge fan, but we found a place on the way to Hilton Head that was the best ever...Sweatman's BBQ
  • Beginning to think about Spring clothes.
An outfit for a cold, rainy day when
 you just don't feel like wearing "real" clothes.
Cute enough to run errands, but comfy enough to feel cozy.
PS...that is my short sleeve shirt
 making my arms look like Jabba Flabba!

Striped T c/o Stripedshirt.com
Loft card-similar here and here
Old Navy jogger pants-similar here and here
Nike trainers-similar here and here
Red scarf-similar here
Gifted bicycle bag-here

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Tweed + Chevron

Have you been experiencing some spring-like weather where you are?
It always amazes me how it can go from freezing to hot so quickly!
I haven't done "the closet switch" yet,
 but I did dig out some spring pants the other day.
It's just time, right!
Ya'll know I love to mix patterns,
 so I decided to try a mix I haven't tried before.
  A little chevron and tweed. 
 I think it works well together.
I also pulled out some shoes I haven't worn since the summer. 
 Does anyone else have trouble switching from boots to regular shoes?  My feet always seem to go through trauma during the switch.

Are you beginning to pull out some of your spring clothes yet?

Gap top-similar here and here
J.Crew pants-similar here and here
Loft cami-here
Target oxfords-similar here and here
Target belt-similar here
J.Crew Factory necklace-similar here
Michael Kors watch-here
Kate Spade bracelet-here
Marshall's bracelet-similar here

Monday, March 16, 2015

Back To Reality

Do you have a hard time re-entering reality after a vacation?
I know I sure do!
It just takes a while to get back into the swing of life doesn't it?
Loads of laundry, re-stocking the kitchen, day to day activities.
It's just so much more fun planning what time 
you are walking down to the beach,
 relaxing to the sound of the waves
 and maybe going somewhere for a bite later on.
Oh, well...it was certainly nice while it lasted. 
 I guess if we did that everyday,
 we wouldn't appreciate
 it when we actually got to do it.

Super comfy and casual for today's look. 
 Probably the last time the cords will come out of the closet.
It's starting to warm up around here.

Gap chambray shirt-similar here and here
Gap cords-here
Chuck Taylors-here
The Limited scarf-similar here and here
Loft belt-similar here
Michael Kors watch-here
Bow ring-similar here
Gifted bangles-similar here

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