Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Happy Hump Day!
 Still not boots and cardi weather around here
 even though it is now September.
Gonna rock the summer outfits a little while longer. 
 I did wear actual shoes instead of sandals though.
Wearing a little gingham today.
  Doesn't this pattern just scream summer to you? 
 I paired it with a bright pair of shorts
 and tried to prep it up a bit with the driving moccasins. 
 Gingham doesn't always have to be about
 daisy dukes or Elle Mae Clampett!

Are you a gingham lover?
Do you wear it more in the summer or other seasons?

Walmart shirt
J.Crew shorts
Land's End shoes
Francesca flower bracelet
Groopdealz bracelets
Target belt

Monday, August 31, 2015

Orange, Pink & Purple

Hello Monday!
Be good to me after my party weekend.
 This past weekend my husband and his 4 siblings,
 spouses and a few of the grand kids
 took his mother to New Orleans to celebrate her 75th birthday.
I came home with a proper food baby
 a rekindled love for my home state.
Keeping my look simple, loose and bright today. 
 Gotta go work off the muffaletta's, beignets, po' boys and hurricanes from the weekend.
Here's a shout out to the birthday girl!  

PS..to all my relatives - 
you never said I couldn't post your picture out into the Internet world!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Thursday

I know I am a day early for awkward and awesome, 
but I am out of town for the weekend starting this afternoon!
  • Losing your airline reservation.
  • When a dude named Randy keeps calling you and saying that you keep calling him.  I honestly haven't known anyone named Randy for years.
  • When your favorite walking trails get shut down for repairs.
  • When your friend's dog swallows a tennis ball.
  • Practice hiking in your hiking boots and weighed down backpack in gym shorts around your neighborhood.
  • Found airline reservation!
  • Fresh highlights for your hair.
  • How your garden pops back to life after a little rain.
  • Stopping at a random Saturday church bar b que and being surprised at how good the food is.
  • Being in New Orleans to celebrate the mother-in-laws 75th birthday this weekend.
A little camo/stripe number with pops of red.
I keep seeing people in cardi's, scarves and boots on Instagram.
I am not sure where these people live, 
but it is still too hot to dress like that around here!

Any awkward or awesome moments you would like to share this week?

Target(men's) t-shirt
Gap shorts
Rack Room sandals
Michael Kors watch
Blue Nile necklace
Nordstrom Rack belt

Monday, August 24, 2015

Shades of Purple

Today was the first day of public school here.
Traffic is back in full force, pictures were taken at bus stops and mom's were chatting with each other over coffee.
I was in bed with Joe the dog and a nice hot cup of coffee.
Purple is not a color I wear often. 
 I don't have anything against it,
 I just don't own much.
I do like mixing different shades of purple. 
 I think it creates a nice soft, graceful look.
I added silver bracelets and shoes and let the ruffles
 on my shirt stand in for a necklace.
A very simple outfit, but it exudes femininity.

Are you a fan of shades of purple?

Random silver bracelets

Friday, August 21, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy Friday Ya'll!
It has been a pretty quiet week around here.
That can be a nice thing.
  • When you can't figure out how to turn the timer off of your Keurig and it keeps turning on about every other hour.
  • Husband with a summer cold.
  • Thinking someone is meeting you at your house and they think you are meeting them at their house.
  • Putting a roast in the crock pot for dinner, but no one is home to turn it off when it is done.
  • The darn school buses back at work.  First World problems when your house is the bus stop for elementary, middle and high school.
  • Finding a $25 Amazon gift card when cleaning up the sons bedrooms after they moved out.  Finders Keeper right??!!
  • When something you buy rings up on sale unexpectedly at the register.
  • Super nice friends that donate their unwanted furniture to your sons apartment.
  • Have you tried the GoodReads app?  If you are an avid reader, I highly suggest trying it.
  • Planning a hike on the Appalachian trial for your friends 50th birthday!
 Who can resist leopard and orange together? 
 Who can resist a top that floats when you twirl?
Yes, I do twirl a lot. 
 Just a fun, simple, summer look to beat the heat.

Have you had any awesome or awkward moments this week?

Forever21 top
Gap shorts
Sam Edelman sandals
Michael Kors watch
Target bracelet

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