Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Good Wednesday to you all!
I hope everyone is keeping warm and dry wherever you are.
Here is an easy look when it is wet and cold out.  
You really don't want to get out of those pj's,
 so throw on some skinny jeans and a cozy, comfy tunic.
Wrap yourself with some color and you are ready to face the day.
Pops of bold color with black and gray can turn a ho hum outfit
 into a wow outfit.
Even when you rather be in bed with a blanket and a book.

Do you like bold color or would you keep this outfit neutral?

Chaos NY tunic here
Loft coated denim here
Gap t here
Hunter boots similar
Pink scarf-similar
Isotoner smartouch gloves-here

Monday, November 17, 2014

Hello Winter

It's seems that Mr. Winter has finally come to visit!
No snow here, but cold temperatures have come calling.
One of my new favorite color combos is pink and burgundy. 
 It's very retro,
 a total throw back from the 50's.
Throw in some windowpane print and leopard
 and you are no longer in the 50's,
 but smack in the middle of 2014!
You know that saying..."everything old is new again".

Pattern mixing, great colors and cold weather...
winter you and I are off to a great start.

What is your new favorite color combo these days?

J. Crew sweater-similar here and here
Old Navy coat- similar here and here
J. Crew pants-here
Old Navy booties-here
Handpicked necklace-similar here

Friday, November 14, 2014

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Hello Friday!
This week has been pretty awesome around here.
I hope your week has been as well.
  • Getting into an old-fashioned bike wreck...road rash and all.
  • Looking out at the ocean and seeing a pod of pelicans, knowing they are pelicans but yelling out to your friends, "Look at all of the penguins."
  • Realizing in the middle of a game of Boggle how much you suck at this game.
  • When the snap on your pants won't stay snapped and you don't know if the reason is that the snap is broken or you just don't fit in the pants anymore.
  • Hiking in the quiet, majestic woods of Black Mountain and suddenly you see a naked couple in the woods frolicking in the mountain stream.  The dude turns and gives you a nice juicy shot of his frontal region!
  • Going on a retreat with 8 friends to The Cove in Asheville, NC.
  • Getting to hear the anointed Lisa Harper speak for an entire day.
  • Stumbling upon a crazily decorated Christmas tree in the middle of the woods and the sign asks that you add an ornament.
  • Laughing so hard that your cheeks and belly hurt.
 A little hiking outfit on the blog today. 
 Honestly, the weather warmed up and most of this look
 was gone by the end of the hike. 
 At least I started the day looking cute!

Let's hear about any awkward or awesome moments you had this week.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Red and Brown

Today I am talking red and brown.
Two colors that don't get a lot of play together,
but actually compliment each other nicely.
I must be on a stripe kick because
 my last 4 posts have me wearing stripes!
I rarely wear this color combo, but I should give it more play.  
It's a little less harsh than the red and black combo 
that we all know and love. 
 I think the colors work well with each other,
 especially if you have a red that has brown or blue
I will tell you that I first had on tights with this look,
 but it just wasn't working. 
 So bare legs it is!
I went with calf boots as not to chop myself up too much. 
 You know Tim Gunn's rule of 1/3's!

Do you wear red and brown together often?

Monday, November 10, 2014

Casual Winter Beach Look

Good Morning!
I hope everyone had as fabulous of a weekend as I did.
I spent mine at Bald Head Island, NC.
The weather was amazing for this time of year
 and I wanted to wear something comfortable, yet cute.
I deem this look the perfect winter beach look.
The first time I saw this GAP sweater I knew I had to have it.  
Lucky for me I got it for 40% off. 
 I am sure you will see me wearing it all the time this winter.
I went for a chambray shirt underneath
 and accented the look with bronze accessories. 
 I can see this sweater being paired with tons
 of different colors in the future.
Poor Joe...
he is just begging to go to the beach with me!

What do you consider to be the perfect winter beach outfit?

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