Friday, July 3, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Happy July 4th weekend.
I hope everyone has today off and has super fun plans for the weekend!!
  • Realizing you are allergic to the new shower gel you just bought.
  • Not shutting the door on the dog crate all the way and getting a visitor in your bed at 2 am.
  • Having a lost phone for 3 hours and finding it outside where it fell out of your pocket and the screen is black with a red thermometer on it.
  • Every morning seeing new little tomatoes in your garden and every evening they are gone.
  • The grocery store being completely out of fresh corn and you really need it for a recipe you are making.
  • Lazy pool days
  • Mix tape radio on the new Apple Music
  • Being in the bar when the Guinness rep is there and he buys you a beer.
  • A friend introducing you to a great new food find...7 Super Foods Salad by EatSmart.  It has broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale, cabbage, chicory, cranberries and pumpkin seeds in it.
  • Holiday weekend.
Casual red, white and blue look for July 4th Eve.
Nothing fancy, just patriotic comfort.

Happy Independence Day!!

Gap T-shirt-similar here and here
Gap shorts-similar here and here
Old Navy sandals-similar here and here
Target belt-similar here
Michael Kors watch-here

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Knee Length Shorts

I honestly can't believe it is already July.
I will say that last weeks temperatures sure felt like mid-summer.
Thankfully, it has cooled down a bit here.
I went for a more polished shorts look with this outfit.
The pussy bow blouse adds a bit of sophistication.
I could easily put on some heels or wedges
 to give the look an even more polished feel.
Knee length shorts can be tricky to wear, 
so always look for a slim cut that tapers down your leg.
Pair them with a feminine top and if you are worried that they will make your legs look short,
 throw on a pair of wedges to balance the look out.

Are you a fan of knee length shorts?
Would you wear them to the office?

Forever 21 top-similar here and here
Banana Republic Factory shorts-here
J.Crew sandals-here
Betsey Johnson sunnies-similar here

Monday, June 29, 2015

Wide Legged Pants For Summer Style

Wide legged pants or palazzo pants.
Whatever you call them, they are perfect for summer.
You can dress them up or down or even wear them to the pool or beach.
The styling for these is endless.
I chose to wear mine in a dressy - casual way.
Adding the gold wedges, gold belt and gold jewelry, 
gives the look just a bump up from casual.
The other thing about these pants for summer
 is that they are very cool and comfortable. 
 Almost like wearing a breezy skirt. 
 Don't be afraid to get a pair and try them out. 
 I think you fall in love with them once you try them.

Do you own a pair of wide-legged pants?
Would you consider the look if you don't?

J.Crew top-similar here and here
Marshall's pants-similar here and here
Jack Rogers wedges-here
Target belt-here
Starfish earrings-similar here

Friday, June 26, 2015

Awkward and Awesome Friday

Today is the last Friday in June.
Go out there and make it an awesome Friday!

  • Trying to navigate through the prolific amount of goose poop on a walking trail around a pond.
  • The car in front of you has a back window windshield wiper that wipes upside down.
  • Record breaking heat all week.
  • Having to de-board your plane because the heat caused not one, but 2 flat tires on it.
  • When a security guard shows up to the hotel room across the hall from you to stop the occupant from screaming and yelling.
  • Getting to run through someone's sprinkler while out walking on a hot day.
  • Finally getting to try a Cronut.
  • Nachos and Margarita's with friends.
  • NYC
  • Getting my braces off!!!!!!!!!!
I wore this out last week for a girls night out.
What says summer more than
 pineapples and white shorts??

Did you have an awesome or awkward week this week?

Boutique shirt-similar here and here
Gap shorts-here
Jack Rogers wedges-here

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Just Say NO to Yoga Pants on an Airplane!

Husband and I made it back safely from our lovely trip to NYC.
I am happy to report that we mostly did things we had never done before.
It was a fabulous trip.
I must say that I still can't believe some
 of the things people wear when they travel.
I know they want to be comfortable,
 but you are out in public people!!
I picked comfortable pants,
 easy on and off shoes and of course a scarf.
You never know if the plane is going to be a freezer or not.
My outfit was comfortable,
 functional and no one had to see bulges,
 unsightly panty lines
 or things no one out in public should ever see!

What do you like to wear when you travel?

Gap top-similar here and here
Old Navy pants-here
Marshall's sneakers-similar here and here
Fossil watch-here
Gap scarf-similar here

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